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$35.00 per person

A fun evening of an interactive murder mystery that includes dinner and 3 drinks.

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Come enjoy an evening with Hanna and Harry Heart the perfect couple.  This NFL Cheerleader and Quarterback for the St. Louis Lambs are more than meeting the eye.  Desiree, a Molecular Biologist, and Ador Candyman, a Rocket Scientist, are sure to be detail oriented throughout the night.  Rose and Hershey Darling are the local florist and chocolatier who are extremely busy this time of year.  Honey and Gunner Dew are the local farmers.  Honey wear the pants and Gunner is a hopeless romantic.  Myrtle and Eugene Love ore both retired and perhaps needs to find another location for their "nose".  Lovey and Carey Hunstman round out our guest list.  Lovey is the Account Executive at Shanel Perfume and Carey is VP of Marketing at Ballmark greeting cards.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Who is murdered?

Who did it?

Join us and find out!

Welcome to Amorville

Welcome to Amorville

Meet the Hearts